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Funfetti Pound Cake

If you know me, then you know I love pound cake. I cannot get enough pound cake, I will eat it for breakfast, for lunch, for dessert – forever. My favorite recipe is my Chocolate Donut Pound Cake, it’s one I make all the time! So, I am vowing now […]

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Chocolate Pound Cake

Pound cake is my favorite cake, ever. There is just something so special about the simple blend of butter, sugar, eggs, milk, and flour – yep, there’s not much to pound cake! But, it’s the ratios and the quality of ingredients that make this cake special. And with today being […]

Dark Chocolate Funfetti Cake Balls

Cake balls… my two favorite words. You have no idea how much I love cake balls! Not only me, but everyone at the shop. Whenever I make them, Delaney, Mia, Kimmy, Chris… anyone that has been with us for a while knows how amazing they are, and everyone gets super […]