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Holiday Cheeseboard

My mom pretty much made a cheeseboard for every single holiday growing up. They weren’t as trendy as they are now, but I guess my mom was ahead of the trend. I just loved them because they had delicious snacks like cheese, meat, fruit, and nuts that I could snack […]

Rosemary Cake

When you accidentally make extra cake batter, then you bake extra cake. That’s how this little beauty came to be. Like so many of my recipes on the blog, this one originated from a mistake. And sometimes those end up being some of my favorite recipes! This Rosemary cake is […]

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Holiday Eggnog Waffles

If you have friends or family visiting for the holiday season, then I know you feel like you have to entertain them in some shape or form. Everyone entertains and shows love in different ways. And for those of you that don’t know me super well yet, I am an […]