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easy carrot cake balls

Easy Carrot Cake Balls

Easter is going to be here before we know it! Do you have anything special planned? Easter wasn’t a huge holiday growing up, and we sometimes did different things each year. I kinda loved the flexibility that my mom gave this holiday, as sometimes it’s nice to mix it up! […]

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Dark Chocolate Espresso Cake Balls

Cake balls are my absolute favorite way to eat cake. I have never been a huge cake person, leaning more towards cookies for all occasions. However, cake has grown on me more and more as I have grown as a baker myself. But, my obsession with cake balls doesn’t seem […]

Dark Chocolate Funfetti Cake Balls

Cake balls… my two favorite words. You have no idea how much I love cake balls! Not only me, but everyone at the shop. Whenever I make them, Delaney, Mia, Kimmy, Chris… anyone that has been with us for a while knows how amazing they are, and everyone gets super […]