Last week I woke up in a cold sweat because I was having a nightmare about our house. I dreamt that the guy doing our tile didn’t listen to me at all and it was completely wrong. He also didn’t even finish, and he walked away. Now, none of this actually happened. And we actually have someone lined up to do our tile already. His name is Seth and he’s our neighbor and friend. I did the desserts for his wedding, and his French Bulldog named Maude is Otto’s girlfriend. Seth is the nicest guy in the world so I don’t think this would ever happen. But, I’ve been really stressed lately as a similar thing happened with our architect…

So it’s official, we are behind schedule. The schedule I had with goals of where I wanted to be at certain times – we’re falling behind. I wanted to be finished with our engineering by now, and already be submitting to the town for building permits. We’ve had a few set backs… One of them being this:

Snowy lot.

Yes, that is our lot – haha! It’s been snowing like crazy here in Mammoth, so the lot isn’t even close to being ready to build. Thankfully, that’s the case or I would be really upset that we’re behind. But, because we can’t do much on our lot right now, I’m not stressing out that bad.

The second setback has been our architect. This has been the most stressful part of my project to date – having our architect quit on us. We didn’t see this coming, especially because she was a friend of ours. Having her just bail, for no real reason was something that was really stressful. Especially because we felt that we had a verbal agreement with her. For many reasons we chose to work with her over other people when we were interviewing architects last fall. However, because she was a friend we never got a contract with her because we didn’t think we needed one. That was a big mistake. My engineer needed two more pieces of information from her, just two – and she couldn’t even help us out with that. And, she also decided to withhold all of our house files, so giving them to someone else to catch up on wasn’t an option. So, we were basically back to square one. Luckily, our engineer had a friend who’s an architect and he is going to be able to jump in and help us out fairly quickly. But, it’s been a very stressful two weeks.

I’m sharing this story because I hope no one ever has to be in the situation that we were in. This is one of the reasons why working with a friend without a contract is a really bad idea. So, even if you have friends that are going to help you with your project – get a contract! We just signed the contract with our new architect, so we’ll be moving along as soon as we can. Needless to say, I’ll make sure I have a contract with Seth for tile, haha!

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