How to Host a Christmas Cookie Exchange

Have you ever been to a Christmas Cookie Exchange? I used to go to them growing up, and they were so fun! They may be old school now, because everyone can find recipes galore on the internet these days.

But, if you are looking for a fun Christmas party to plan for friends, a Christmas cookie exchange party is a great idea! So, I am going to show you how to host a Christmas Cookie Exchange.

how to host a christmas cookie exchange

What is a Christmas Cookie Exchange?

A Christmas Cookie Exchange is exactly as it sounds. It’s a party where you exchange cookies! What could be better?

Everyone brings a big batch of homemade cookies. The host will usually set all the cookies up on a table or island like a buffet. And have name tags for each cookie along with who made it. This way, people know what the cookies are and they can talk to the person who made them.

If the host is really good, then they have cookie boxes ready to go. And you go home with your own assorted cookie box with all the cookies you’re receiving from others. This was basically blogging before it was popular people!

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This is when all the ladies would get together and exchange their Christmas cookies and recipes. It was a way for people to get new recipes for their recipe box. And you got to socialize and talk about cookies with your friends. I mean, how great is that?

So, if you are looking for a different party than White Elephant this year, then hosting a Christmas Cookie Exchange is a fun Christmas party for friends! And, even if you have friends that don’t bake, encourage them to come by bringing cookies from a local bake shop or even booze!

How to Host a Christmas Cookie Exchange

Step 1

Set your party date and invite friends! Try to invite people who like to bake or eat cookies, as it is expected that you bring cookies! When you invite your friends, try to get them to think outside the chocolate chip cookie box – as you don’t want everyone showing up with chocolate chip cookies. You can even make that a no bake cookie, so that you get a lot of variety!

Step 2

Buy cookie boxes ahead of time so people can take a cookie box to go. Two of my favorite cookie boxes include these Holiday Kraft Cookie Boxes and these Brown Kraft Window Boxes.

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DIY Holiday Cookie Boxes

Step 3

Make sure to have beverages, as everyone needs something to drink with cookies! You can serve milk, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and cocktails if you want. Try my Holiday Punch recipe for an amazing holiday cocktail that will go great with cookies!

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Step 4

Don’t forget to bake your own cookies! As the host, you should have at least four types of cookies (depending on your guest count) so there are cookies there when your guests arrive. Some of my favorite holiday cookies include Chocolate Peppermint YiaYia Cookies, Tree Sugar Cookies, Frosted Gingerbread, Chocolate Crinkle Cookies, and Hot Chocolate Cookies!

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Step 5

Make sure to have some extra plates or platters, as you never know what your guests may bring cookies in. Some may show up with a zip bag or even a baking sheet! So, have serving trays ready to use.

Step 6

Print out my Cookie Exchange Name Tag Template and cut them out. This way, when your friends show up with cookies, you can ask them to write what cookie they brought and their name on the name tag. And, then you can put this in front of their cookies so everyone knows who made them and they can complement them on how good they are!

how to host a christmas cookie exchange
how to host a christmas cookie exchange

I hope I’ve inspired you to host your own Christmas Cookie Exchange! This is such a fun Christmas party for friends! Try this instead of a White Elephant party this year, and let everyone go home with something sweet.

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