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Last week we went to San Francisco for a long weekend. I was invited to the Great Good Fine OK show by my friend in the band. If you haven’t heard of them, then I would suggest going onto your Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora or whatever you listen to and looking them up! They are an amazing new band, and Delaney and I love their music. They played at the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco, and invited us to go. I had never been to San Francisco even though I’ve lived in California for almost twenty years now, so we it was time for a trip there!

san francisco
san francisco

The concert got us there, but one of my best friends and old roommates lives there, and Delaney’s dad also lives there. So, we had plenty of reasons to go. But between Delaney’s dad and my best friend, we just kept getting told that we would sit in tons of traffic, it would be really cold, windy, and foggy, and that we shouldn’t venture to certain streets walking, we might get mugged, make sure to lock our cars, and more. I grew up on the South side of Chicago, so I’m used to being in a city and I’m cautious because it’s how I was raised. I never once felt unsafe on any part of our trip. Plus, we got really nice weather, it only took us about 6 hours to get there from Mammoth, we didn’t sit in traffic except for a small bit getting into the city, and we didn’t get mugged haha. So, it was a really successful trip.

great good fine ok band performing
great good fine ok band performing

I booked our room at Hotel Zephyr which is down by Fisherman’s Warf, because I figured we should do some touristing things while we were there. The hotel was nice and I thought it was in a good spot downtown, walking distance to Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Warf, and it was just a quick scooter ride into Chinatown. We also easily drove to SF MOMA. So if you are thinking of doing some sight seeing in San Francisco, then check out Hotel Zephyr.

The hotel is almost on the water, and they do have some rooms with bay views. They don’t have a mini fridge in every room, and you have to request one if you want one, so make sure to do that if it’s something you need. They also don’t have a pool or hot tub, but instead have a big game room and lounge area. They also have fire pits outside with lounge chairs. And there’s a gym, of course. There’s no kitchen in the hotel, but that’s okay because you are in the mecca of all kinds of food! So you can easily venture out for meals by walking, taking the trolley, or renting a scooter or bike.

hotel zephyr sign
hotel zephyr lobby
hotel zephyr lobby
hotel zephyr lobby

There is so much history just in that little part of San Francisco. I loved seeing the Boudin factory, Ghirardelli, and Del Monte buildings as there’s just so much food history right there! Plus MOMA had a lot of cool food art as well. And we enjoyed their permanent collection a lot too! One of the things I really miss in Chicago is all the culture, it’s something you don’t get when you live in a small town like Mammoth Lakes. Next time we go to San Francisco I’m going to make sure it’s when a broadway show is playing. I also loved walking the streets of the city and looking at the architecture as it’s just so original to that area. I loved the brightly colored Victorian style houses that were basically touching each other, and seeing all the buildings built on massive hills!

cable car in san francisco
fisherman's warf sign
fisherman's warf seals
boat in the bay
golden gate bridge

I don’t have a lot of food to report back, as I didn’t find any good organic spots to tell you about – I tried to look online, but I didn’t find anything. So we just ate sushi one night in my friend’s neighborhood and went into Chinatown the second night. While it was good, nothing blew my mind. I did come back with organic sourdough from Boudin though, so that was a bonus! And if you know of any organic spots in this area, please let me know so I can check them out the next time I go back. Delaney and I decided we will definitely be back as there are so many things we didn’t get to do because it was such a short trip.

del monte building
san francisco street art a heart in rainbow colors painted on a black wall

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