High Altitude Baking

Something that I believe doesn’t get enough love in the baking world is the discussion of high altitude. My bake shop is located at eight thousand feet in elevation! It might not be something that you think about when you walk through our doors into a mint green wonderland filled with desserts. But every single baked good is baked at our shop here in town at high altitude!

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That also means that I’m an expert at baking at high altitude. And all of my blog recipes (and the recipes inside my books, like Cookies for Everyone) include a simple adjustment for baking at high altitude or sea level. My recipes are all written for sea level (because – YES I test them there as well), and if you need high altitude, just scroll to the bottom to find the little bolded High Altitude and there will be instructions for you! Sometimes there are no changes, and sometimes there are. But, I believe that baking should be for everyone and not just those that live at sea level.

If you’re not baking, chances are there isn’t anything you need to change. Like if the recipe is for a compote, a hot chocolate, or something else that doesn’t involve the oven. But, when the oven is involved, then there usually is a simple adjustment to make your baked goods turn out perfectly. So that’s why you should be using a recipe specifically designed for high altitude, to ensure your baked goods actually bake right!
Now lots of people provide tips and tricks for baking at high altitude. Trust me, I’ve heard them all… things like:

1. Add more flour and it works.
2. Decrease leavening agent.
3. Let dough rise longer.

But, some recipes just simply can’t be baked at high altitude, no matter how many tips or tricks you have! It’s because of the science within that specific recipe. So, I’m not going to provide you with tips or tricks to change your recipes, because there is no one fix that always works. But, when you create and develop recipes at high altitude there are sure to be no issues. So, for high altitude baking I really suggest finding a recipe that was made for high altitude.

So, if you’re looking for recipes that work for high altitude baking – I got you covered right here on the blog! High altitude recipes for cookies, cakes, pies, bars, candy, snacks, gluten free, vegan, breakfast, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, and more. You can bake with confidence when you’re baking a recipe from my blog, no matter where you live!

And because I am an expert in this field, I really want to help spread the knowledge and love to everyone who lives and bakes above sea level. I am so proud to say that now I am an editor at The Feedfeed and I will have my own High Altitude Baking feed! This is where I will share lots of other recipes that are developed at high altitude and are made specifically for high altitude bakers. I have reached out to many other bakers and bloggers in this space, and just as I suspected, there is a big community of other people baking at high altitude! So, make sure to follow me on The Feedfeed here. And if you’re baking at high altitude – make sure you have a high altitude specific recipe. Find my High Altitude Baking feed here, and bake with confidence when you’re in the mountains.

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