Fourth of July Recipes

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Cumin Garlic Lemon Hummus

We were going through the fridge and pantry today as Delaney is going to do a Costco run tomorrow. So, we were assessing everything we had. And we found like 4 packages of Organic Valley Summer Sausages in our downstairs fridge, and they expire in 2 weeks. So, it’s going […]

Chocolate Cherry Whipped Cream Cake

Today is Delaney’s birthday! And his favorite kind of cake is any kind of whipped cream cake, haha. That means any cake as long as it has Whipped Cream Frosting. He loves my Strawberry Whipped Cream Cake and I’ve made many more that haven’t made their way to the blog […]

Apricot Cheesecake Tart

Apricot season is here! And I was gifted a giant box by one of my regular customers last week, and the little baby apricots I have are amazing! Apricots are a powerful little fruit, and they only come around from June to July in California. That’s a pretty short window! […]

All Butter Pie Crust

I was asked by my friends at Organic Valley to write about and share the best all butter pie crust recipe. What a dream right? Growing up, I never knew there were other fat options besides butter. We were an all-butter household, and my mom was very particular when it […]

Garlic Lime Hummus

I love having hummus in the fridge, I pretty much have it in there at all times. Hummus is good for sandwiches, wraps, toast, dipping veggies or pretzels and so much more! While my Roasted Beet & Garlic Lemon Hummus is probably my favorite hummus ever (and that says a […]

Blueberry Waffles

I love waffles! I have loved them since I was little, and probably because they were a special breakfast growing up. We only had them once in a while, usually on weekends, and I waited for the days we were allowed to eat them so I could fill every single […]

Grilled Turkey Burgers

Fourth of July is tomorrow, and if you’re lucky then you are barbecuing or attending someone else’s barbecue. Because, I mean who doesn’t barbecue on Fourth of July?! Growing up, we’d head to Long Beach (Indiana), yes there’s a Long Beach, Indiana for those of you that didn’t know. And […]

Strawberry Cream Cheese Tart

Summer is the time for cold desserts! And I have a super easy one for you guys today. This simple Strawberry Tart is so easy to make, and it only requires baking the crust for a few minutes — minimal oven time so it won’t heat up your kitchen too […]

Strawberry Whipped Cream Cake

This cake is summer in a pan – literally! On the best summer nights of my childhood, my mom served mini strawberry shortcakes for dessert when we ate dinner on the patio. And I do have my version of Strawberry Shortcake in The Mountain Baker, but this Strawberry Whipped Cream […]

Berry Pie

Summer is here and there’s nothing better than fresh Berry Pie! What kind of berry pies do you make? Do you mix it up or stick to one kind? There are so many amazing berries in season right now. So today I’m sharing an easy Berry Pie recipe that you […]