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Cumin Garlic Lemon Hummus

We were going through the fridge and pantry today as Delaney is going to do a Costco run tomorrow. So, we were assessing everything we had. And we found like 4 packages of Organic Valley Summer Sausages in our downstairs fridge, and they expire in 2 weeks. So, it’s going […]

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Banana Bread Cake

I usually have a fruit smoothie every day. I usually make some kind of fruit smoothie with banana and a mix of other fruits, depending on what I have on hand. And then every once in a while I just forget and don’t make a smoothie for a few days, […]

How to make Chocolate Babka. What is chocolate babka. This easy and delicious chocolate babka recipe is more than a bread. This sweet yeast bread is filled with chocolate filling and topped with a sweet glaze. High altitude chocolate babka. The best easy chocolate babka recipe.

Chocolate Babka

What is chocolate babka? Babka is a sweet yeast bread – which means that the dough typically contains yeast, sugar, butter, and eggs, along with flour. It is filled with chocolate (or sometimes other flavors like cinnamon, apple, or more) and then it’s rolled up, cut, twisted together, and put […]

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Brown Sugar Carrot Cupcakes

I am beyond excited to share this recipe today! I have been holding onto this recipe until fall, as these are the perfect fall carrot cupcakes. Behold – my Brown Sugar Carrot Cupcakes recipe. Seriously, this is probably one of my all time favorite recipes now, it’s so good! You […]

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Eggless Coconut Sheet Cake

Today is World Coconut Day! What does that mean? I have no fucking clue, haha. I don’t know who decided or came up with all these national food holidays – but I do know, it’s just an excuse to eat that food or celebrate it in some way. Which is […]

Fluffy Scrambled Eggs

My friends at Organic Valley asked me to create a Fluffy Scrambled Eggs recipe using their amazing organic eggs, butter, and sour cream. I make eggs pretty much daily for breakfast, and I had never made scrambled eggs with sour cream before, so I was definitely interested and up for […]

Easy Homemade Cherry Rose Marshmallow recipe. Homemade Easter Marshmallows, the best homemade pastel pink marshmallows. Make your own marshmallows, it's so easy! Easy and simple homemade marshmallow recipe. Pastel pink homemade marshmallows. Cherry Rose Marshmallow recipe, the cutest pastel pink marshmallows. Easy to make homemade marshmallows. #organicmarshmallows #homemademarshmallows #marshmallows #pastelpink #pinkcandy

Cherry Rose Marshmallows

So if you’re a baker then you know there are certain things you just love to make and others that are just so so. It has nothing to do with the enjoyment of the final dessert but lies solely in the process of creating. That’s marshmallows for me. I absolutely […]

Coffee Cake Muffins

Growing up, coffee cake was reserved for very special occasions. Christmas morning, sometimes Easter or Thanksgiving, but it wasn’t very often. My mom would pick up a 9-inch round coffee cake from some bakery downtown that I never had the privilege of going to. I don’t even know if it […]

All Butter Pie Crust

I was asked by my friends at Organic Valley to write about and share the best all butter pie crust recipe. What a dream right? Growing up, I never knew there were other fat options besides butter. We were an all-butter household, and my mom was very particular when it […]

Funfetti Cinnamon Rolls

I love Cinnamon Rolls! They are probably one of my all-time favorite brunch treats. They were something that we had growing up on special occasions, and I was always excited when I woke up to the smell of my dad baking cinnamon rolls. What are cinnamon rolls? The short answer […]