Cake Recipes

funfetti pound cake loaf

Funfetti Pound Cake

If you know me, then you know I love pound cake. I cannot get enough pound cake, I will eat it for breakfast, for lunch, for dessert – forever. My favorite recipe is my Chocolate Donut Pound Cake, it’s one I make all the time! So, I am vowing now […]

girl holding strawberry almond cake really excited

Strawberry Almond Cake

This is an old recipe, but a goodie! I shared this recipe a long time ago, back when I owned a small bake shop that I spent almost every waking moment at. While that is neither here no there right now, and I’ll get to that soon, I promise. I […]

banana caramel whipped cream cake

Banana Caramel Whipped Cream Cake

I made this cake last summer, and I just came across the photos for it recently. I love when I stumble across something old and it feels like new, do you know what I mean? Sometimes that happens in my pantry too when I find hidden snacks, and that is […]

double chocolate baked donuts recipe, high altitude donuts

Double Chocolate Baked Donuts

I love donuts, so much. And I am going to start this post by saying that I was super reluctant to make baked donuts at home for a long time, because I just thought they wouldn’t be good. But, when my friends at USA Pan sent me some donut pans, […]

orange ginger carrot cake on a plate with fresh oranges

Orange Carrot Ginger Cake

Carrot cake will always hold a special place in my heart as it was the first cake recipe I ever developed to be my own. I made it for Delaney’s first birthday that we celebrated together. And it became so popular within our group of friends that people would request […]

almond butter banana bread recipe

Almond Butter Banana Bread

This Almond Butter Banana Bread came to me when I had black bananas in my pantry because I went a few days without a smoothie. This is basically how I get every single banana bread recipe, out of need to use overly ripe bananas! I was looking to make a […]

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White Cake

Today I am sharing the best white cake recipe. But first, what is white cake? What is the difference between white cake and yellow cake? Those are great questions, and ones that you may not know or may be confused about. And what about vanilla cake? Don’t worry, I am […]

carrot cake donuts on a platter on parchment paper with plates and milk in the background

Carrot Cake Baked Donuts

Easter is this weekend, and if you’ve been seeing carrot cake after carrot cake – then maybe these Carrot Bake Baked Donuts will be a nice change of pace as far as carrots go! But if you are looking for carrot cake, I have quite a few that would be […]

Blueberry Zebra Cakes

If you were a product of the eighties then you probably are well aware of Little Debbie and everything she (or they) made around that time. Because my mom was a hippie health nut, I never had anything from Little Debbie in my house. But, I was well aware of […]

eggless chocolate birthday cake with vanilla frosting and rainbow sprinkles

Eggless Birthday Cake

Birthday cakes come in all shapes and sizes, all flavors and colors. Yet, there is no quintessential cake like chocolate cake with vanilla frosting and sprinkles. At least that was always my preference, I always will prefer chocolate cake to vanilla, and to get the best of both worlds, then […]