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The best organic and natural colors and decorating tips for baking. Bake without artificial colors. Baking decoratifs without artificial colors. The best cookie decorations without artificial colors. Organic sprinkles. The best naturally colored sprinkles.

Natural Colors & Decorating

At my bake shop, we don’t use any artificial colors. But, there are times when we want to make things a little more fun and add some color. I’ve played around with using beet juice, extracting color from other vegetables like cabbage and spinach… but honestly, it’s just so much […]

Caramel Corn

I grew up eating caramel corn from the famous popcorn place in Chicago (I won’t name any names here, but you can probably guess who I’m talking about). My grandma, Booda, got it for all of us (my brother, sister, Mom, cousins) as part of our Christmas gift every year. […]

The best S'more Tart recipe. Easy smore tart recipe. Homemade smore tart recipe. Simple and delicious smore tart recipe. Smore pie recipe. The easiest smore pie recipe.

S’More Tart

This weekend is Labor Day, and so many people flood Mammoth Lakes for one last hurrah before summer officially ends (and the locals summer begins). There are so many cool places to camp in and around Mammoth Lakes and camping wouldn’t be camping without S’Mores. Anyone that knows me well […]

Chocolate Donut Pound Cake

Today is National Donut Day, so of course I’m sharing the recipe for our Chocolate Donut Pound Cake. I love this day for two reasons, the first is making this cake and eating it, and the second is I like to call my best friend and tell her I love her […]

Frosted Carrot Cookies

Frosting on cookies is one of my absolute favorite things, ever. There’s nothing better than a soft and chewy cookie just completely covered in frosting. I am constantly wanting to bake new cookies with frosting all over them. Sadly, they aren’t the best cookies to serve in the bakery because […]

Homemade caramel sauce recipe. Three ingredient caramel sauce recipe. 3 ingredient caramel sauce recipe. Easy homemade caramel sauce recipe. The best homemade caramel sauce recipe.

Caramel Sauce

Today I’m sharing the recipe for our Organic Caramel Sauce. This recipe only has three ingredients and is pretty simple to make. I love the fact that our caramel sauce only has three essential ingredients. A lot of people make caramel with other things like water, corn syrup or more. […]

Homemade chocolate ganache recipe. Easy chocolate ganache recipe. How to make chocolate ganache.

Chocolate Ganache

Homemade chocolate ganache is so easy to make! This simple dessert topping only has two ingredients: Organic Chocolate and Organic Heavy Whipping Cream. I use both milk and dark chocolate in my homemade chocolate ganache, however you could use one or the other as well. What is chocolate ganache? Chocolate […]