• Dog Peanut Butter Banana Bites

    Dog Peanut Butter Banana Bites

    John John and I made Dog Peanut Butter Banana Bites last week. And needless to say, he loves them! This homemade dog dessert is so easy to make! If you have wanted to know how to make dessert for your dog, you are in the right place. Making a homemade […]

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  • Best Organic Halloween Candy

    Best Organic Halloween Candy

    Halloween was always my favorite holiday after Christmas. I mean, as a kid, who doesn’t love to go around to people’s houses and gather free candy – free candy! Plus, on Halloween my mom didn’t restrict us on candy like she normally did. So, I always loved it. But as […]

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  • Tips for Stirring Natural Peanut Butter

    Tips for Stirring Natural Peanut Butter

    Do you dread stirring your natural peanut butter? Do you wait until you really need to in order to stir it up? Do you love eating organic peanut butter, but hate stirring it because the butter knife is too small, or the spatula doesn’t have enough strength to do so? […]

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  • The Best Refrigerator Pickles

    The Best Refrigerator Pickles

    We were recently in Wisconsin visiting my friends at Organic Valley, and my post about how Organic Valley Cares More has been very popular since! One of the days we spent at their office in La Farge, Wisconsin. While we were at the office, we ate lunch at the Organic […]

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  • 12 Best Flours to Bake With

    12 Best Flours to Bake With

    Have you ever wondered why there are so many different kinds of flour? Why are there so many flours, and why can’t you use just one kind? What are the best flours to bake with? Today I am sharing 12 Best Flours to Bake With. This way you can stock […]

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  • Simple Taco Seasoning Recipe

    Simple Taco Seasoning Recipe

    If you make tacos a lot, then you might be inclined to buy a taco seasoning. But, you can make this simple taco seasoning recipe instead. And, you’ll have the best organic taco seasoning on hand at all times! Growing up in the Midwest, tacos were not very common, not […]

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