Want even more recipes? Check out my books! All of the recipes in my books are written for sea level and high altitude – just one simple adjustment! You can bake and cook no matter where you live with confidence when you’re using one of my books. My third book will be coming out fall 2022, stay tuned for updates! Check them out below, and click to buy.


Mimi is joined by professional snowboarder and friend, Kimmy Fasani in The Mountain Baker, that’s available now! From sweet and savory to fluffy and flaky―tried-and-tested recipes made for the 21st-century outdoor adventurer.

Most recipes are developed and employed at or close to sea level, so what is a baker to do if they live 5,000 feet higher? In The Mountain Baker, longtime mountain dwellers Mimi Council and Kimmy Fasani share their recipes for successful cakes, cookies, muffins, breads, and beyond. With their firsthand experience, Council and Fasani are just the women to talk about the science behind high-altitude baking and cooking.

From hearty eats and apres snacks to decadent desserts, these recipes include conversions for sea-level kitchens, so home bakers can enjoy these treats wherever they cook: Double Black Diamond Brownies, Honey Graham Pancakes, Rosemary Parmesan Biscotti, Pizza Bread, Snow Day Cake, and more. With tips on why your alpine cakes are sinking or why your cookies are burning, this is the go-to resource to help readers fearlessly face their high-altitude kitchen or simply get in the outdoor spirit.

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Mimi’s first book, Cookies for Everyone, includes many recipes from Dessert’D Organic Bake Shop as well as never before seen recipes. With its “baking 101” approach, Cookies for Everyone has something for every baker — naturally vegan recipes, with easy swaps for gluten free or nut-free options, even including instructions for baking at any altitude. 

Mimi’s Tips and Tricks walk readers through key steps and techniques, demystifying baking; her clear instructions cover everything from basic cookies to sandwich cookies and biscotti. And for anyone who thinks more sophisticated cookies (such as macarons and Florentines) are impossible to make at home, think again — Mimi’s excellent counsel will have you baking up a storm in no time.

There are even favorite recipes from the bake shop, including Best Friend Ever Cookies and Dad’s Coconut Chocolate Chip as well as brand new never before seen recipes that are certain to wow anyone you love to bake for. 

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