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Chicken Pot pie recipe. How to make homemade chicken pot pie. The best chicken pot pie recipe. Easy chicken pot pie recipe. From scratch chicken pot pie recipe. Homemade chicken pot pie recipe. Easy to make chicken pot pie recipe. The best chicken pot pie recipe. High altitude chicken pot pie recipe.

Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken pot pie was something we had frequently growing up. My mom made individual chicken pot pies, and it was always a treat when she made them. I remember loving the filling more than anything, while my brother was obsessed with the crust, go figure. My brother and I were […]

Puppy chow recipe. Muddy buddy recipe. The best puppy chow recipe. How to make puppy chow. How to make homemade puppy chow. Organic puppy chow recipe. Vegan puppy chow recipe. High altitude puppy chow recipe. Easy puppy chow recipe. The best muddy buddy recipe.

Puppy Chow

I will start this post by saying, if you know, you know. Puppy Chow is one of my favorite snacks! Puppy Chow is also known as Muddy Buddies, and I think that depends on where you grew up what you call it. I grew up in Chicago and that’s what […]

Peanut butter chocolate chip blondies. Eggless blondie recipe. Eggless baking recipe. How to make eggless blondies. High altitude blondie recipe. Peanut butter chocolate chip blondie recipe. Easy peanut butter blondie recipe.

Eggless Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Blondies

What are blondies? Blondies are just like brownies but made without chocolate or cocoa, so they are blonde instead of brown, hence the name – blondies. You can make different kinds of blondies, just like brownies – chewy, soft, cakey and more. I love blondies as they remind me more […]

Easy wonton soup recipe. How to make wonton soup. The best wonton soup recipe. High altitude wonton soup recipe. Healthy wonton soup recipe. Bone broth soup recipe. The best bone broth soup recipe. Easy and healthy bone broth soup recipe. Healthy easy soup recipe.

Easy Wonton Soup

I showed this soup in my stories last week and the response to share the recipe was overwhelming! So, you guys are in a for a treat, because not only is this Wonton Soup delicious, but this Wonton Soup is so easy to make! I can’t even take any credit […]

Cookies n cream cupcakes. Recipe for cookies n cream cupcakes. The best cookies n cream cupcakes recipe. How to make cookies n cream cupcakes. Easy cookies n cream cupcakes. Organic cookies n cream cupcakes. Newman's Own organic oreo cookies. Cookies n cream cupcakes no oreos. High altitude cookies n cream cupcakes.

Cookies ‘N Cream Cupcakes

I have recently re-discovered Newman’s Own Organic O’s (which are basically organic Oreos). They literally taste identical, and they have minimal organic ingredients inside, which is my kind of cookie! I say re-discovered as I used to buy them when we lived down south and we shopped at Mother’s Market, […]

Mini Greek galette recipe. How to make a galette. Greek galette recipe. Easy greek dinner recipe. Easy greek lunch recipe. Easy greek recipe. The best greek galette recipe. Healthy greek dinner recipe. High altitude greek galette recipe. Simple healthy mini galette recipe. Healthy savory galette recipe.

Mini Greek Galettes

For those that don’t know, I’m Greek. And I know that may seem a little shocking given my blonde hair! But I assure you that I am one quarter Greek! My YiaYia (which means Grandma in Greek) was one of 12 children, and she was the only one in her […]

Cranberry orange apple bread recipe. Cranberry orange quick bread recipe. How to make cranberry orange quick bread. Healthy cranberry orange bread recipe. The best cranberry orange bread recipe. Healthy homemade cranberry orange bread. Low sugar cranberry orange bread. High altitude cranberry orange bread. High altitude cranberry orange quick bread recipe.

Cranberry Orange Apple Bread

I found one last bag of cranberries in my fridge, which was such an awesome surprise! So, I was thinking of what else to make with this last bag of fresh cranberries for the season. And, I figured you all are wanting healthy recipes right now. So, while I was […]

Milk chocolate ganache recipe. How to make milk chocolate ganache. Homemade milk chocolate ganache recipe. Can you make chocolate ganache with milk chocolate. Chocolate ganache no dark chocolate. The best milk chocolate ganache recipe. High altitude milk chocolate ganache recipe.

Milk Chocolate Ganache

Chocolate ganache is something that you can use in so many ways! You can use it as a dipping sauce – dip pretzels, cookies, crackers, fruit and more. You can also use it inside cakes, such as a filling in between layers, a topping on top, or even in frosting […]

Ham and veggie scramble. Healthy egg scramble recipe. How to make a scramble. Leftover ham recipe. Brunch recipes. Breakfast egg recipes. Healthy egg recipe. Healthy egg scramble recipe. Easy egg scramble recipe. Healthy veggie scramble recipe.

Ham & Veggie Scramble

While we had a lot of leftover ham from Christmas, I have been making all kinds of ham recipes, this Ham & Veggie Scramble is included! I love making a good scramble. One of the reasons I love scrambles is because they are so much easier to make than omelettes […]

The best chocolate chip walnut banana bread recipe. Easy chocolate chip banana bread recipe. The best walnut banana bread recipe. How to make chocolate chip banana bread. Healthy chocolate chip banana bread recipe. High altitude chocolate chip walnut banana bread. Gluten free chocolate chip banana bread recipe.

Chocolate Chip Walnut Banana Bread

I know that during this month everyone is looking for healthier ways to eat and indulge. And, I feel like I make banana bread every January, unknowingly because it seems like a healthier treat. Banana bread is one of those recipes that is so classic, so easy to make, and […]